Dry Risers

A Dry Riser is a system of pipes and valves installed in tall buildings or building with restricted access that enables the fire brigade to pump water to specific predetermined points within the building. Dry Riser systems have an “inlet” valve typically located outside the building at ground level in a lockable box with wired glass. It is at this point the brigade would connect their water supply and pump it into the building, connecting a hose to an “outlet” valve at the required level to fight a fire.


The buildings “Responsible Person” (RP) is required to maintain the system to BS 9990:2015 – Code of practice for non-automatic fire fighting systems in buildings, and ensure maintenance frequency and procedures are in accordance with BS 9999:2008 – Code of practice for fire safety in the design, management and use of buildings, or as specified  by the buildings Fire Risk Assessment (FRA).

BS 9990:2006 requires the system to undergo an annual static pressure test and inspection and a six monthly visual inspection, by a competent person. Thus ensuring the Dry riser system is maintained and functioning correctly for the fire brigade at all times.

RES undertakes all aspects of the Dry Riser servicing and maintenance works to British Standards using our own competent engineers and Dry Riser testing appliances.


A private underground fire hydrant is connected to the mains water supply and located on private property – typically large premises and estates. They should be easily identified by a yellow “H” sign and yellow hydrant cover with “FH” moulded into its cover. A Fire Hydrant is typically used by the fire brigade to replenish fire tender water tanks and for direct feed via a standpipe to flat lay hoses used by the fire brigade to tackle a fire. BS 9990:2006 requires Hydrants to undergo an annual test and inspection and a 6 monthly inspection by a competent person to ensure the hydrant remains ready and in a working condition for brigade use. The “RP” should make periodical inspections of all Hydrants on a weekly and or a monthly basis.



RES can undertake all aspects of Fire Hydrant and associated equipment (brigade fittings, flat lay hoses etc) servicing and maintenance works to British Standards using our own competent engineers and Fire Hydrant testing equipment.