Case Study

Fire hydrant testing for local independent school

Customer requirements

RES has been providing a local prestiguous independent school in Berkshire with a range of fire protection services over the past decade for their Estates and Works department, including the annual servicing and pre term inspections of fire extinguishers including fire safety signage and fire hydrant testing. We also work closely with the Health, Safety and Fire manager carrying out Fire Risk Assessments, providing consultancy and fire safety training.

This local educational establishment is one of the worlds top coeducational independent day and boarding schools. Situated on a 400 acre site, the college comprises of dozens of modern and historic buildings, some dating back to the 1850’s in the Baroque style of architecture. With over 1000 students, most of whom are residential; their safety and security is of paramount importance.

Fire hydrant testing

As part of our schedule of works, we carry out the periodic inspection of the college Fire Hydrants (which must be done every 6 months) in accordance with BS 9990 : 2015 Non-automatic fire-fighting systems in buldings Code of Practice. By using the “TSI Digital Flowmaster 250”, the latest digital flow testing equipment available, our engineers are able to digitally record a fire hydrants water pressure and the flow rate reading to a 98% accuracy.

Our engineers annually use the test equipment on all fire hydrants across the site measuring flow and pressure and comparing the readings on information previously recorded on our equipment asset / location lists. Any hydrant leaks, defects or issues with the water main are reported immediately to the Estates and Works department. As part of our fire hydrant services, we work with a water main contractor who specialise in replacing hydrant valves and the installation of new ones.

Digital readings are provided via the accompanying Flow Monitoring Software in real time on a nearby computer, this information can then be saved, shared and replayed. The software creates descriptive graphics and reports from the data. We then choose between printing out or transferring customer reports to Word, Excel or graphic.

Our ongoing commitment

The latest equipment we use enables our engineers to provide an efficient and more reliable test environment than that of a traditional hydrant test equipment.

Our investment in this technology is part of our ongoing commitment to customer service and maintaining a high quality of work.


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