Fire Plans

RES can provide a range of fire safety related plans for display and building fire document folders which meet the requirements of a premises Fire Risk Assessment as required by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005.

Our Fire Plan Services

  • Fire Evacuation and Procedure Plans
  • Fire Escape Plans
  • Fire Equipment Plans
  • Fire Alarm Zone Plans
  • Fire Compartmentation Plans
  • Occupancy Assessment Plans

Fire Evacuation and Procedure Plans

Fire Evacuation and Procedure Plans are produced in an A3 format tailored to suit the fire safety strategy of your building. With the buildings Fire Procedure clearly displayed on one side, and supporting information on the other, consisting of information in an alternative language, or a plan of the Assembly Point, in relation to the building together with a floor plan and nearest exits available, these plans are a valuable aid to evacuating a building.

Fire Escape Plans

Fire Escape Plans are an integral feature of your buildings system of safety signs and play a vital role in your fire safety strategy. Installing fire escape plans gives you the information that you need, prior to an emergency, allowing for an effective evacuation of the building when an emergency occurs.

Fire Equipment Plans

We can provide a diagrammatic representation of the fire equipment and devices in your building. This will be a map that can show locations and addresses of the:

  • Fire Alarm, Detection, and Call Points
  • Fire Extinguishing Equipment and Fire Blankets
  • Emergency Lighting and Test Switches

All of which will aid in helping to easily find your fire equipment, and will also make maintaining and managing the fire equipment easier.

Fire Alarm Zone Plans

A Fire Alarm system will be split into different zones to help identify where a fire may be or to help narrow down the point of origin of the alarm trigger to a certain area within a building. This is incredibly helpful in identifying false alarms, Fire Alarm System Faults, and even identify the location of a fire quicker, especially for the fire brigade.

As stated in the British Standards – BS 5839-1:2013

“On or adjacent to indicating equipment, there should be a diagrammatic representation of the building, showing at least the building entrances, the main circulation areas and the division into Zones. Where the division into zones is not provided by the display recommended in 23.2.2c) or 23.2.2d), a correctly orientated Zone Plan of the premises should be displayed”.

Fire Compartmentation Plans

Fire Compartmentation Plans are essential for the maintenance and preservation of the buildings passive fire protection measures in place such as solid compartment walls, fire related walls and fire doors.

Occupancy Assessment Plans

Occupancy Assessment Plans are produced in conjunction with Occupancy Assessment carried out on small, medium and large places of assembly.

Case Studies

Case Study

We cover the South of England including the counties of Berkshire, Middlesex, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent including London, Aldershot, Basingstoke, Beaconsfield, Bracknell, Egham, Farnham, Guildford, Henley on Thames, High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Marlow, Newbury, Oxford, Reading, Slough, St Albans, Staines, Swindon, Watford, Windsor, Woking, Wokingham.


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