Fire Safety Signage

Fire safety signage is an integral part of building fire protection measures and helps to ensure that all occupants are clearly informed in the event of an emergency.

Our Fire Safety Signage Services

  • Signage Sales
  • Signage Installation
  • Signage Guidance, Advice and Training

Types of Fire Safety Signs

MANDATORY SIGNS– These are circular blue signs which must be obeyed as a legal requirement.

SAFE CONDITION SIGNS – These are rectangular green signs which provide the direction such as Exits and Fire Exits and or location of safety equipment, such as first aid kits and breathing apparatus.

FIRE FIGHTING SIGNS – These are red signs to indicate the location of fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers, fire alarm call points and fire brigade equipment.

WARNING SIGNS – These are triangular yellow signs and warn of potential risks such as flamable liquids, gas and chemicals etc.

PROHIBITION SIGNS  – These are circular red signs with crossbars that forbid certain actions that could be dangerous such as No Smoking, No Admittance.

There are also SUPPLEMENTARY SIGNS which are rectangular in Green, Red, Yellow such as directional arrows.

Guidance for an effective fire safety signing system:

Why the need for fire safety signs?
Safety signs are a requirement to protect the health and safety of the employees and anyone within the vicinity of the building. For an effective safety signing system, signs should be of similar style, design and format. A good way to achieve this, is to ensure that your signs conform to standards.

Why choose JALITE AAA photoluminescent signs and products? 
Legislation states that all safety signs require illumination and must remain illuminated under a power loss. This requirement can be met by using JALITE AAA photoluminescent signs.

RES provide an extensive range of JALITE photoluminescent fire safety signs and fire safety signage solutions that are designed to conform to British and International Standards.

We are proud to be an authorised distributor of Jalite signs and provide safety signs for the South of England including the counties of Berkshire, Middlesex, Surrey, Oxfordshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Kent including London, Aldershot, Basingstoke, Beaconsfield, Bracknell, Egham, Farnham, Guildford, Henley on Thames, High Wycombe, Maidenhead, Marlow, Newbury, Oxford, Reading, Slough, St Albans, Staines, Swindon, Watford, Windsor, Woking, Wokingham.


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