As part of our commitment to providing the best possible service, RES have brought together some useful and up-to-date information to help you find out more about Fire Safety in the Workplace

Fire Safety Log Book

This Fire Safety Log Book contains record pages to allow for the correct recording of events and activities associated with your fire safety systems and equipment. To ensure your premises is fully compliant, refer to our Log Book Information which will be regularly reviewed and updated and is available to download here.

The Log Book should be kept up to date and made available for inspection by the Fire Authority.

Fire Risk Assessment Information January 2017

The following download is designed to give a premises ‘Responsible Person’ further knowledge concerning the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order 2005, the Fire Risk Assessment process and subsequent measures that may be or may not be required.

Fire Safety Maintenance checksheet 

Fire Safety Maintenance checksheet can be used as a day- to-day checklist or annual check list, and is an invaluable document in ensuring your business is safe and ready in the event of a fire.

RES Fire Document Folder

The attached document can be printed and then placed in a red lever arch file in the entrance lobby of your premises, ideally in a dedicated Fire Document Box or in reception so it is readily available for Enforcing Authorities and those persons completing regular or competent person Fire Safety Checks.

RES Fire Drill Questionaire

Use this word document for your Fire Drill to establish how the drill went, and to note any issues or areas for improvement.